Welcome to Casa di Vignolo

Our annual visits to Casa di Vignolo in Pergine Valdarno are one of the highlights of our year.  Years ago Pat discovered you on the internet, and in her book she describes how that happened:
Finally, one day (on the computer), I entered “Farmhouses in Tuscany” and up popped Casa di Vignolo in Pergine Valdarno.  I scanned the images of the little round piazza and realized we were home!  From the minute we stepped across the threshold, and every visit since, I walk into “our” house with “our’’ kitchen, and ‘‘our’’ fireplace.  It is such an old friend and makes us feel we have been there forever
(THE PIERO AFFAIR by Pat Musick).
The many times that Jerry passed over Italy on his Skylab 4 mission he never dreamed that we would find such a wonderful Italian hideaway, and that our hosts would soon become the very close friends that you are.  You are our “Italian Family.”
Our plan is to continue to visit Pergine every year until our health or our age prevents us.
With love,
Pat and Jerry Carr

For over one year we've been planning a one month visit Italy and considered literally hundreds of places to stay while in Tuscany. After narrowing it down to a handful of possibilities, we decided on Casa di Vignolo and could not be happier with our choice. It was absolutely perfect.
Dale W. - Camano Island (United States)

Our family of seven with children ranging in age from 9-22 stayed at Casa di Vignolo while touring Tuscany. It was everything we hoped and more. This ancient and awesome house was roomy enough for our large family and the town with its bakery, butcher, market and fruit store was so convenient and fun to shop. Pergine is a very convenient base from which to explore Tuscany. We hope to make a return trip and we highly recommend this property.
Laurie E. - Evergreen (United States)